Italian-Style Pils are a thing in US?

I just stumbled upon this article. I did not know there was a Italian Pils style (and no, it’s not a pils with mozzarella, tomato and basilico).

Can US users confirm it’s a thing? :smiley:


Ive had this one

This one has been around for quite a few years. Almost always available.

Sixpoint’s recent brewery only release included an Italian pils.

Stunning! I am Italian and drink German pils (I do not like Tipopils, for example), but looks like this style is super common overseas :smiley:

Yup, just talked with an American living in Czechia (some know Ryan here) a couple of days ago about that. They are just supposed to be even more heavily hopped pilsners than normal. Tipopils is supposed to be the “original”.

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Yes, agree with all of the above. It is still a fairly rare style but I have definitely seen iterations popping up (at least in the Northeast).

@services - I see the heart icon - where’s the “hate” button?


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I probably had more Tipopils than anybody else of this site


But yeah, stupid when “a bit more hoppy” becomes a new style in somebody’s universe


If “Italian Style Pils” just means “Hoppy Pils,” then yes we have them in the US. No one calls it Italian Style Pils, though.


Working Draft in Madison, WI makes a killer Italian Pils. It isn’t about being hoppier, it’s about the water profile.

Must be expensive to import all that Italian water.



So there is a style “Italian Pils” that’s clearly defined only because there’s a water style “Italian Water” that’s clearly defined?

Be careful how you answer.

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aha, so its just a dryhopped pils, plenty of those in Germany as well now. There are fashion trends in brewing, every few years a new twist on the old appears - not everything warrants being called a new style.

Doesn’t Schiehallion predate Tipopils? I’m pretty sure I encountered it in the 90s.

It’s still a white whale for me. Really frustrating not to have managed to try it when I was in Italy.