Italy 17/10 - 24/10

Looks like I’ll be over in Italy shortly, Rome between 17/10 and 22/10 and probably Naples between 22/10 and 24/10.

Ratebeer has plenty of entries for Rome but are there any places I absolutely must visit? There’s less information for Naples so grateful for any suggestions there.

When in Rome, do like Romans do.


And for buying some nice beer-souvenirs, don’t miss Les Vignerons (

If you are by chance in San Lorenzo Area, then Luppolo12 ( and Il Serpente (

Actually in Rome, there#s really a large choice of places and beers to try. Let me know the area where you will stay (if you want) and I can try to recommend something else :wink:

Don’t forget to try italian breweries like: Hammer, Crak, East Side, Lambrate

For Naples I cannot help, sorry

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Whatever else folks think, it’s only a few blocks from Kitty City (amazing cats living in ruins with vets place) at Largo di Torre Argentina.

If you have female accompaniment it will make that person’s day!


My wife is allergic to cats :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll enjoy it though!

Baladin is a good place as well. I am not a big fan of their “pricey” concept, but you can find good italian beers there.

And I do really agree with @bhensonb about the Cat Santuary in Largo Argentina. It’s one of the most beautiful areas in Rome (and it’s where I adopted my first cat). They do a good job and deserve a visit :slight_smile:

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I had amazing Pizza on the way from Largo Argentina to Campo di Fiori like ten years ago. It was a tiny walk-in place where rectangular, big pizza slices are served on plastic trays and paper. Meatball and brokkoli blew me away. And I still had leftovers at night.

How’s the beer scene in Florence? Archea Brewery and Beer House Club seem to get good reviews.

For beer in Naples I can’t help much, but you should definitely try the pizza :slight_smile: the most famous and traditional places are “Da Michele” and “Sorbillo”, but there is always a looot of queue there. If you want to do it faster and to sit comfortable in a nice place I suggest to go to “50 Kalò”, the pizzeria of Ciro Salvo, amazing pizza with quality ingredients. They also have local craft beers and also a good selection of wines.
Other famous and traditional recipes from Naples are the ragù napoletano, the genovese, the gattò di patate, spaghetti alle vongole, pasta e fagioli, pasta e ceci, pasta e lenticchie, pasta e patate e provola, the calamarata, pasta fagioli e cozze, and many more. From neighbor areas also gnocchi alla sorrentina, spaghetti alla Nerano, scialatielli alla amalfitana, ecc.
Between the sweets don’t miss the “sfogliatella” (by Attanasio some of the best), the babà with rum, and the pastiera napoletana.


Hi ! You’ll miss Eurhop just for a week … anyway Rome as alright told is plenty of good places … I would like to add one of my favorite… Artisan club also in San Lorenzo area which is well run and with a bit different selection from other places … never traveled to Naples for beer but only for football but it seems that Hoppy ending and Mosto are the 2 places to be in town …

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Contact daniele and myself privately. We are based in Rome and will do our very best to guide you and provide tips

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