It's That Time of Year Again... Advent Calendars

Time to review every one available and then go for a cheap one because it guarantees no beers I’ve already ticked.

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Also can I remind people about this useful spreadsheet: Beer Advent Calendars - Google Sheets

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Never did one till last year … broke my beer calendar cherry with Tiny Rebel as guaranteed 25 new beers / ticks

Was not disappointed with average score wielded at 3.64

Will happily go with them again if 25 new beers


I will yet again be giving this trend a miss, as I will be in the US of A and not bothering with anything over there.


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Will either do Beerhawk again (average score of 3.6) - guaranteed new ticks plus a myriad of styles and countries - or Beer Republic which would be 24 new US ticks.

Bookmarked :slight_smile:

Not sure if I am staying in London or Copenhagen around December into Christmas this year so might hedge my bets on the Advent Calendars. Alefarm was great last year in DK (22 out of 24 new ticks) so been trying to avoid them “mostly” this year, but if back in the UK the Tiny Rebel one Colin mentions could be a winner again if they do it (if all new ticks again)

Already getting emails from one of my German beer pushers “Beyond Beer” about their one which seems to sell out early each year and is apparently already being pre purchased in surprising numbers - Beyond Beer Craft Beer Advent Calendar | BEYOND BEER International

I had the ones from Hoptimism and Brew Cavern last year. Both really good. I have ordered the Brew Cavern one this year.

Pre orders for the Hoptimism started in Early July which was a bit early for me.

They cost over £100 and based on previous years are likely to have beers I’"ve ticked already. If they guaranteed new released then I would be interested.

I’d auggest Beerhawk over Tiny Rebel. All new beers but not the one brewery.

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did you do beerhawk last year?

have you a list of the beers?

interested to follow up on them … see if they were exclusive to the calendar or hit the general market in the new year

also interested to research potential rebadging … theres a lot going on these days!

2021.beers are here:

I took a look at my ratings yesterday. As far as I can see there was only one beer that was seemingly available elsewhere (Founders Velvet Rush which would have been a tick for you) and then one beer where I questioned if it was some sort of rebadge bur it’s still on here as a separate beer:


Cheers for that … a good resource

Concerning thing about beer hawk is a very low UT average

Pretty disappointed by the BrewDog calendar last year. I need something different.

I had the Beer Republic advent in 2021. 102 euros delivered to Sunny Somerset, which post Brexit is my only online beer purchase from Europe (it’ll have saved me a ton of cash but I’d still prefer the opportunity to order from where I choose. Every e-mail from 3F I look at longingly, before deleting it).

I’d say the advent calendar from BR was quite average. A fair variety of breweries and most beers were new ticks, but it kinda felt like it was a good opportunity for them to dump beers that were not selling into an advent calendar to get rid of them. Mostly 330ml / 355ml cans, quite a lot of it was hops but nothing too fresh.

I’ll not be bothering with an advent this year, the stash is still running at north of 850 beers so i’ll most likely be using a random number generator to select a 330ml / 375ml / 500ml beer each night to try to reduce the mountain of cardboard at home. It’ll not mean a new tick every day but needs must!


I did the Beer52 one last year, shan’t be doing that this year, ended up with 8 repeats from their previous deliveries. I’ll be watching this thread as to good advice.

I just looked at the one this year. What was so bad about it? A lot of their normal run beers?

I suspect they recieved negative feedback last year. This year they are specifying that, “Almost all will be represented with a beer that has never been released in our store before or is even brewed for the first time.”

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I want an Advent calendar with tiny 187ml bottles of mead. Apis had this little gift set at Krakow that would be perfect x 10.

Yeah, a lot of normal/common beers. But the real problem for me was it was just so random. Just seemed like a lot of the beers were randomly thrown in. The unique beers were mostly not too good. And for the record, I really like BrewDog.

These marketing emails have arrived, so i am sure most of you know this already, but i thought I would share just in case.

Brewdog £54.95 if you order before 30 September 2022.
Thornbridge £64.99 if you pre order in September 2022. Of the 24 beers 16 are 440ml and 8 are 330ml. Of the 24 beer’s 6 are collaborations.


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