It's that time of year again ... HogTown in London Town again, September 1-23

I have very few set plans - mostly just wandering around the City visiting old haunts and checking new places - I hope to meet up with anyone who is around. I am hoping to do Bermondsey on September 1st - quite likely again two or three weeks later as well - so anyone who might be around, I assume Kernel around 10am and take it from there!

Second - I haven’t heard if the rump of BeaverEx is cancelled, scaled-down or whatever - last I heard a few were still going to attend and I thought I grab a walk-up ticket if it’s still on; anyone have an update on September 8/9?

Last but not least, I’d sure love an update on London pub closings and openings over the past 12 months or so - I am starting my must-visit list and welcome all recommendations.

Cheers and hope to see some of you in a couple of weeks!

Beavertown is still on and there’re 59 breweries. See the other thread for the list.

Hi Harry

Will definitely see you at Bermondsey on 1st September.

I will be doing both days at Beaver Ex so may see you there.

Otherwise I am sure there will be a couple of days I can pop up and see you.

As for new places, well BrewDog Tower Hill I guess and there’s a few in Bermondsey I can show you on the 1st. otherwise my London trips have been limited this year so not really up to speed.



I will probably be at Kernel at 9 on the 1. sept. Need to fill my backpack, enjoy a beer or 2 before i head back to city for a lunch deal.

Next week is pretty busy with beer events & Beavertown visitors. Week after I’m largely free I think. Week after that we’re off to Netherlands for Borefts BF.

Might do the Weird Beard open day on Sunday 2nd if you’re interested. Hanwell. There are a couple of other worthwhile beer venues in the vicinity.

I don’t know what my plans are for Sunday - tentatively for family visiting. But I am here more than three weeks - I am sure we can meet up before Borefts.

Just a heads up - we won’t be going to Weird Beard today.

Probably some time next week (September 10th) might work better. Sorry I didn’t reply earlier - I hate messenging via RB on my phone! I will try sending you a text from my UK PAYG mobile number.