Iunga - the hop with most misconceptions about it?

So, yesterday I found out that a Prague brewery released a “Single Hop Lunga” beer. Made me laugh a little, knowing it’s a misspelling of the Polish “Iunga” hop, named after the IUNG Puławy insitute that developed it. Uppercase I and lowercase l will always create confusion. And it certainly confused one or two hop distributors, probably where the brewery got it.

Coming here, I also saw that the “iunga” hop tag was “fixed” to be “junga”, which is less incorrect and quite often used, but still barely an alternate name, used by marketers. The (new?) description claimed also it was of Northern Brewer x Marynka descent. Nope - some posts and the publications of the institute itself claim clearly female Marynka & wild Yugoslav male (yup, Yugoslavia had plenty of those to export :smiley: ).

So, wrong name, wrong description - all likely in good faith. :smiley: Are there any other situations like that, where a hop is riddled with misconceptions on all levels?