Iznogud in London

Small Croatian invasion is imminent, as Neven and I will be in Bethnal Green for a concert and probably a few pubs tomorrow 9 Feb and Friday. RB is too challenging on my mobile but you can find us on WhatsApp or Signal, bonventre@yahoo.com if anyone wants to meet up


Tagging @Leighton not sure who else is located in London.

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I’ll be about post work Friday for a few hours

Likely Bermondsey from 1500 ish … Kernel, Craft Beer Junction, Cloudwater and perhaps Moor Vaults


We’re aiming Bermondsey Friday afternoon as well. Pretty much the same establishments are on my must visit list. Prior to that idea is to hit some pubs in Borough area Rake/George/Lord Clyde/Royal Oak/Simon the Tanner.

What concert?

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American Aquarium at Hackney Oslo

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Can’t reply on forums while on mobile. Shoot me an email on nessguin@gmail.com or message at +385 98 458831.

Great gig venue, close to some very good beer places plus one very smelly pub.

Oh cool! I live a 5min walk from there. Will have a listen to their music this afternoon, maybe see if I can sneak out in the evening (2 young kids at home makes that tricky sometimes).


More than enough good beer places in the vicinity for one evening:

Cock Tavern
Hackney Tap
Chesham Arms
The Experiment
Hackney Church
Pembury Tavern