James Clay BBD

Had an inkling about James Clay imported beers with excessively long Best Before date stickers, and confirmed my suspicions earlier.

See Best Before date sticker on a Flying Dog hazy IPA, and the brewery’s own Enjoy By date

Also checked a Two Roads Passionfruit gose, best before Feb 2019 printed on the can - James Clay best before Oct 2019.

If you do reach for American import cans in future have a look before buying as you could be in for a shock


Likely a recognition that the UK is somewhat cooler than the USA! :grin:

Is this not still in force?

Offences and penalties

44.—(1) If any person—
(e)being a person other than whichever of—
(i)the manufacturer,
(ii)the packer, or
(iii)the seller established within the European Community,
was originally responsible for so marking the food, removes or alters the appropriate durability indication relating to that food,

he shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding level 5 on the standard scale.


The manufacturer was originally responsible for so-marking the food. The importer/store is someone other than that. Bang to rights.

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But is beer considered food under that law?

Beer is my favourite food.

Hah, reminds me of this:

And this:

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The glossary defines terms such as “liqueur wine”, “milk”, and “natural mineral water”, so presumably all drinks are foods.

Regardless of the law, doing this shows complete disrespect to the brewer and to the retailer & their reputation selling out of date beer. Its clearly done on purpose to give them 6 extra months to sell the beer.

Im sure the brewers wouldnt be too happy about it…

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Some of this is apple/onion comparison:

“Brewed on” is can date

“BBD” on affixed label date

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I deleted it as soon as i realised, but it wont delete. Still, a BBD a year after canning is stretching it a bit

It’s an important distinction, yes, and one that does often confuse (and I actually prefer a bottling date, so I can make my own estimations of when I want to consume it by). However, the top picture does clearly say “ENJOY BY”, which is clearly a best-before.

And if you do interpret ‘enjoy by’ as canning date, then this was canned in the future… not sure what’s worse :wink:

I am always very cautious with American imports as often there is no date whatsoever on cans or bottles.


Unless its a big sticky beer I’m better off buying local beers over imports. I do agree that it’s not right to extend the best by date and sell. I remember getting bunch of free beer with my purchase in Netherlands because my favorite beer store wouldn’t sell anything close/past best date.

I think that might be because each state has its own different labelling laws, and some care less than others about consumer protection.

Anyway, ISO future beers! New style - faster than the speed of light lager.

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