Joined date changed and ratings deleted

I logged in today to find my join date changed from Jul 2017 to Apr 2020 and all my ratings except for 4 deleted.

Im very upset as I had lots of ratings and put a lot of time into rating beers.

@aleman84 did you last login using Facebook?

seems like you got 2 profiles.

Could @services manage that?

I dont think i logged in with Facebook, would that have caused a second account to be created? Ive have a separate ratebeer account.

Just noticed 2 accounts myself same name but little a

I’ll look into that now for you.

Thanks very much appreciate it, one last question, why has some of my reviews been deleted e.g my review for Robinsons Old Tom and now says Non Qualified.

Seems like is his forum profile is also split between the 2 accounts (unless you already edited it)

profile 707438
ID Externe auth0|486305

When you’ll be able to login correctly, you should be able to see it as Score 5.0 instead of Non-Qualified. But this rating has no text, so it’s considered a Quick Rating (a Tick), not a full review…it means others cannot see your score from your personal profile (apart for admins, which is silly since anybody can see your ratings from the beer page) but your score still count towards the Real Score of the beer but doesn’t count for the weighted average score (which is the score used to determine Top Beers lists practically)


Okay, it looks like at some stage you’ve logged in via Facebook and it didn’t merge the accounts correctly which is why a new one got created…

I’ve merged both accounts together including the ability to login via Facebook as well, so everything should be okay. Also have merged reviews, brewery followings and beer likes so everything should be okay there.

Try logging in again and let me know how it all goes.

Services @ RateBeer

Thankyou I logged in ok and it looks good, my Old Tom Review and various others were detailed text reviews but for some reason were deleted.