Jow has Interesting numbers

Looked at my profile and I have 4545 ratings, 333 places, and 1234 breweries all interestingly odd but the second i continue rating activities will no longer be so, therefor I must enjoy while it lasts.



I think if you tick some beers won’t influence your beer ratings count, so go ahead and tick 123 beers (or at least 12) but be careful for those ticks not to be from a brewery you have already rated beers from.

Well I could rate 22 beers from breweries I’ve had already and be at 4567 rates that’s feasible. 12 place rates would get me to 345 but doubtful to maintain brewery count with 12 places. It’ll just have to be unique moment in time. I am marching towards 1250 breweries by 5k rates for a nice 25% ratio so can’t jeopardize that.