JPA Shandy blend question for admins

Question for admins I guess.

Square Root Soda (a small batch soda company in London, for those who don’t know) have created a blend of Cloudwater’s recent JPA beer ( with lemons and Simcoe and Columbus hops. It’s 0.5% ABV. Cloudwater posted about it here too:

Since Square Root are not an actual brewery, should I go ahead an add this under Cloudwater? With the name of Cloudwater / Bagby / Square Root JPA Shandy? I’m of course assuming this is allowed and would be rateable since it’s an actual packaged release and not some random unofficial blend done in a pub or whatever.

Asking as I’m not sure of the actual rules around shandies and “blends” such as this… won’t bother adding if it won’t be rateable.


I’m not your local admin and it is down to their decision, but from the looks of it, the shandy contains really tiny amount of beer?! The rule is actually that there should be 50% beer (ok there are beers on the site that have bit less), but it looks like this contains tiny amount of beer (to get from 7% to 0.5% ABV), hence probably not rateable.

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Thanks for the response. I had a feeling this would be the case but wasn’t sure, hence me asking.
I am aware of a couple of exceptions to the rule and wasn’t sure if this would be one of them. I’ll hold off on adding it for now unless someone else thinks it would be an allowable beverage.