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Just a little trip to the continent and back

Eurotunnel to Brugge first.

Parked up at the railway station and it’s 11:00, so a quick beer in Halte 5 before going to the hotel.

Room not ready, so dump the bags and hit a couple of outside drinking areas.




Yay, another trip report! Keep it coming.

What’s the giant blue eggcup? Boiled emu egg for dinner?

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Amazing! Have a couple of beers for me as well.

Cheers :beers:

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@wheresthepath the blue stone chalice is from the 2Be tourist bar and is ful of MeMe, a blonde brewed for the bar ( or so they told me).


All was going well until we got to De Bierboom, we were just about to leave and a party of guys from Finland turned up with a ‘local guide’, so we stayed and joined in with their tasting session, you know the score, old Orval, Young Orval and stuff.


Love the t-shirt! :smiley:

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Just about sober to drive on the Friday,cheers Rudy and you Finish gits.

Friday saw us in Erkelenz, a Bierborse and just lovely.

image image

The pictures do not really do the place proud, sorry.



Looks like a great trip. Shame that Eurostar have reduced the amount you can bring back. You will just have to drink them over there.

Doh stupid me, you are on Euro tunnel.

They rescinded that decision pretty quickly in the face of many complaints … nothing to see … business as usual … I think they are simply applying that limit to folks drinking on board as opposed to beers in bags/cases.

Cochem is a wine town on the Mosel with limited beer choices, but I did get some bottles from a supermarket, again not much choice. Not a new rate to be found!



Some times you have to give wine a go!

Breakfast looked a lot like this, lunch similar.



We all know someone who should have this licence plate!



Got to eat!


Nice pics Jeremy. Keep them coming.


Well, Cochem is a lovely tourist town (been coming here since 1974), the beer scene has always been second to the wine offerings.

Today we did some beer research.

Syrian supermarket by the bahnhof has Barbican from UAE, a bar in Cochem Cond has beers from Kirner (2 new rates for me) and some Klosterbrau Machern beers were on offer in the main square (nothing new for me). REWE had a couple of new beers and a fairly small bier magazine sold some Bavarian stuff that might, or might not be a new review. The wine bar below our apartment even had a Felsgold Premium Pilsener on it’s menu, so was pleased with that new rate, even if the actual beer was pretty poor.

Wine good though!



Great travel report.
I wish I could be back in Germany…

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There are a couple of Dutch/Belgian bars in Cochem, they are both noisy and ‘party pubs’ but at least the beer is OK.


Back in Brugge for the afternoon and night, hope all the tourist leave soon, it’s manic at the moment, should calm down after 16:00.

Our drive to here took us through Liege, so stopped off for some beers here: http://special-beer.com/en/magasins/drink-de-special-beer/


Journey home was horrendous, road works and accidents everywhere, plus the volume of traffic just made the drive tedious and elongated.

If you like trip reports I suggest you take a look at the one here: Just a little trip with the incontinent!

Very different to mine.

Last photos from my holiday.



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