Just talk about beer

I thought I’d start up a thread that has no subject other than to just chat about beer.
What are you drinking
Where have you been
What’s excited you
What’s annoyed you
Anything really

I am on day 5 of 6 in London for both business and beer.
Boy do I need a break from beer.
London is mental
Not enough time to drink everything or visit every location
It’s Monday and I still haven’t got to Mikkeller or Goose island which were on Friday itinerary

Myself and 2 friends did pubs and bars in Kemptown east Brighton on Saturday. Nothing amazing but good to see so many pubs doing better beers.
Hand In Hand still worth a visit for the interior even if they no longer brew there

I’ve just rated De Ranke XX Bitter.

Had it plenty of times in Belgo land pre RB but never caught up with it till now !

Satisfying drying close.

Still love that beer. Had it a month ago and still enjoyed it

Hackney was a good surprise with 3 new places for me,
St John’s brewery tap
Verdant and Pressure Drop
Deviant and Dandy

Loved the last one for being so chaotic. Good pale ales, delta blues and a fire that tried to burn the yard down as well as warm the only customer. Me. Loved it.

I’m playing catch up too Ian.

I hit Mikkeller, The Experiment and ST Johns on Thursday for the first time with Kenny and Dave.

Mightily impressed with the quality of beer at St Johns for a new guy.

Think the 5 beers attracted 3.5 / 3.6 (times 3) and a 3.7 !

Good lagers at St John’s. One to follow for sure

yes the base lager and the hoppy one … think Ken gave the base one a massive 4.0 or the like !

Just met Alovelydrop in person. Who was the last new RB person you met face to face?

Was about to post this as a new thread but maybe here’s a good place.

JW Lees Harvest Ale. RADBeer have a whole load of different vintages of it in stock right now. I might as well get that latest 2017 one at least but there’s some much older ones available too. Does anyone have an opinion on any specific vintages that they thought stood out from others? Can’t justify buying each of the 13 variants they have so I’m being selective. There’s over 1000 ratings so I don’t fancy poring through all those right now to find out if there’s any specific years to avoid either.

I have a 2006 and 2008 in the garage. One of which will end up in my Advent Calendar this year.
It’s amazing you could buy it in Wetherspoons for a few quid years back. Such a steal.

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Just flew back from Dublin. Did extended weekend there. More family than for me, but did horrible Guinness tour and Jameson tour which was 1 million times better. Future plans are to meet up with @Grumbo and @danlo before leaving Saturday for business in south Italy for around month. Then have few days in Edinburgh before Christmas Eve. Plan to catch up with @cgarvieuk and anyone else that wants to drink.

Long term I need to get my garage sorted to host tastings at some point. It has its own shitter and will be ideal.

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Just finished and thoroughly enjoyed a Widmer’s Old Embalmer '13. Prepping for my visit to London and Pig’s Ear…It will be a big year for me to say the least.

I am not English, and I have not had JW Harvest Ale really fresh, but it seems I like it about three years old. My 2013’s are not as malty as I prefer, I have been trying to drink those. I like how the 2015’s are drinking. I also enjoy the port aged, but I prefer those in the five to ten years old range.

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Was out with @mR_fr0g and @Leighton last night at the Cock Tavern trying the Cloudwater cask beers. A good start with great condition, 2 were very good and two decent.

Busy week this week for beers and heading to Manchester on Saturday.

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At home I’ve been drinking through some US haze that I traded for (Trillium, Other Half, Treehouse) but those Hill Farmstead beers last night made me realise I’ve been drinking too many murky IPAs lately, so I’ll be making an effort to branch out a bit more style-wise I think.

I’m off to Wales on Friday for just over a week so looking forward to picking up some new Welsh beers/breweries and getting to some decent pubs.


Love xx Bitter, always pick some up in Midi Station, if I still have room on way home. Love that beer

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Spent a nice Friday afternoon sampling beers in Nottingham. Nice to finally get to the Neon Raptor TapRoom. Enjoyed their critically endangered species. Paisley was not as impressed with beers at the Junkyard although I thought they were great.


Think you need a spotlight for Paisley Puge !