Katowice / Krakow, Poland Nov 15 to 19


any ideas for beer tourism or other “don’t miss it” ideas in those areas.
Will be in Katowice 14 - 17 and in Krakow 18 - 19 of November.

Can bring a few locals (Swedish/Gothenburg) if some one is interested in a face to face trade.

Cheers // Thomas

Replied in your other thread too:

Haha, not 1000, there is actually a place in Chorzów, another beer store: Sklep Impuls that I am a great fan of, because they DO actually have over 1000 beers. Maybe you can take some home with you when leaving.

Other than that, as others have mentioned there is Minibrowar Reden and the Silesia Park with plenty of opportunities to find local beer.

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