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Doing a loop out of Louisville. Will be in Louisville Nov 6, Indianapolis Nov 8, Columbus Nov 10 and back in Louisville Nov13. Would love to meet up with any RBers…

I think I’m the only active Louisville user anymore - I could meet up with you probably either day.
Most places are open now - hopefully they will have allow more people in by then. Let me know if you have any local wants.

Is this Ryan from Untappd? Nothing in particular im looking for. Do you need any Idaho ticks? Or anything youre looking for? I’ll be back in Louisville on the 13th. Was planning to hit the bottle shops then. I’ll send a snapshot of my Louisville beer itinerary and give me your thoughts.

11:00 AM Monnik Brewing
12:00 PM Flanagan’s Ale House
12:45 PM Falls City Brewing
2:00 PM Akasha Brewing
3:00 PM Gallant Fox Brewing
3:45 PM Sergio’s World of Beers
4:15 PM Apocolypse Brew Works
5:00 PM Louisville Beer Store
5:30 PM Goodwood Brewing
6:30 PM Bluegrass Brewing
7:30 PM Goose Island Beer Bridge

I am starting at Monnik, as I am not picking up my car until Saturday. I was going to work my way downtown via public transit, walking or Uber. Will drop the beer stores until my return as I need to make room for Against the Grain, as they are closed when I arrive (I get in late. I’m staying at the Aloft Suites downtown.

I leave about 30 minutes per stop, usually a small flight,

I guess i would be interested in any Kentucky ticks from small breweries. But if i can get them at the bottle shops, no worry. Desperate for Arkansas ticks…

No, not Ryan. Not looking for anything in particular but wouldn’t mind some Idaho or Wyoming ticks in general, especially smaller breweries.

Message me closer to the date you’re coming so I can give you up to date info. Against the Grain Smokehouse isn’t open at the present and they don’t seem to be in a rush to open that location up again, but their Public House is open (about 1.3 miles from Flanagan’s). Gravely and Mile Wide are between Flanagan’s and Falls City (probably would pick Gravely first).

I’d check Sergio’s tap list before going - he doesn’t do flights. Otherwise looks good as long as you give yourself some leeway with the times.

And unfortunately, not any Arkansas distribution in KY.

I can probly bring some Nevada ticks too. I got hit up by a guy named Ryan on Untappd who heard I was coming to Louisville. Just wonderin’

Based on your ratings. Assuming you are trying for 10 beers from each state. There are no Arkansas ticks on shelves in that area. You will have a good selection of Kentucky ticks on shelves, especially in Louisville. You might see Lazy Magnolia beers for MS. You might see Narragansett beers for Rhode Island. You might see WV cider(s) at TW&M. If you have time in the Cincinnati area there are several good bottle shops.

Sounds good. I know Indianapolis pretty well too if you want any recommendations. If you’re interested in any Upland Sours or Bo & Luke Specialty bottles (Coffee, Pumpkin, or Chai are still available and I have an extra Peanut Butter). Also can save you a Bell’s Double Hearted if interested).

The Bells’ sounds good. I used to live just outside Kalalmazoo. We get Founders here, but not Bell’s. The Peanut Butter too, if you don’t mind. I can bring Some Woodland Empire Ada County Stout (both the original and 2019 versions).

I kind of have plans to stay in downtown Indianapolis, as it looked like they were all within walking distance.

Okay. Sounds good. Any Nevada ticks would be great too.

this is the guy from Untappd who hit me up

Seems to be this guy here. https://www.ratebeer.com/user/79318/

He dropped out of Ratebeer with the InBev buyout.

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Oh, since you’re staying in Columbus (Indiana), you may want to add Zwanzigz - you’ll drive right by it between Hog Molly and Upland.

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