Kernel new entry or not, pls guide me

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Where should this go? The details are different on everything I find:

I noticed some recent (similar) ratings on this one so I put it here, but it seems off
Should it be a seperate entry? Suggesting:

The Kernel London Brick Red Rye Ale Centennial Chinook Simcoe
Amber Ale


I think the rule for Kernel always has been or certainly was that different version due to hops are only added when the hops are on the front of the label. Therefore I would rate under:

London Brick Red Rye Ale


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Ok thanks

Yes. It states that on some of their beers’ pages.

Not on here much these days.

What Mr Pink says is essentially correct. I guess small text on the back label doesn’t pass the idiot-proof test for distinguishing a different beers. Plus, in some of these borderline cases, we didn’t realise there were multiple but not clearly marked versions until well after the event, resulting in shitloads of ratings under a single entry that we wouldn’t have a clue where to move to. So sometimes the decision might have been influenced by whether we caught it early enough and could add appropriate editorial notes before too much damage was done.

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Thanks @chriso I’ve added my rating to the suggested entry and moved on :wink:

Also, the Kernel landscape has changed somewhat since the early days. Initially almost all the output was bottled so there was a fair chance that people would have access to the bottle when entering a rating & could pick up less obvious stuff on the label. Nowadays a lot more Kernel is available on draught and, in those fancypants new craft beer bars, you’re usually going to be reliant on chalkboards, which often omit subtle details. If they’re even on the keg in the first place.

An alternative approach is to have separate entries for these subtly different variants but also a generic entry for those cases where raters don’t know which one they had. I think we’ve done that on occasion.


Re bars not making a distinction, at Waterloo Tap, they just had Kernel IPA, which was Centinnial, very distinctive, they changed the barrel with a Nelson Sauvin and told me it was the same beer, very different, and annoying as they didn’t seem to even clear the pipes.

Normally they write the hops on the blackboards.

I was slightly unimpressed when I visited the Siren Tap and they didn’t know which version they were serving.

Hahaha! Might as well just merge them all then!