King of the UK Supermarkets

Not too sure if this has been done before as it shames a few of us. No idea how to do this easily either, I had to visit each Supermarket in turn to find my totals. Anyway it’s all a bit of fun.

Aldi 76
M&S 45
Lidl 42
Home Bargains 22
Sainsbury’s 18
Co-Op 15
Morrisons 13
Waitrose 9
Tesco 9
Asda 8
Spar 3
Booth’s 0

Can’t think of any more who offer their own brands, but please add if you know of others.

Grand total of 260. I also have more in my stash to drink.



Are we talking things “brewed” by that supermarket, or bought in that supermarket?

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We are talking brews that are listed as a Supermarket beer on their Ratebeer Page.

Such as: and

Not a beer brewed by BrewDog bought in Tesco’s (although that could be argued).


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You also have Londis, Nisa and Ocado.

I was looking for a Londis beer or cider just to tick off anothet London, ahem, brewery. No luck. I suspect they no longer do own brand beer or cider.

Ocado no longer hwvr own brand stuff either.

Personally if it is clear who brewed the beer/cider then I think they should count as tick for the brewery/cider snd not a crappy supermarket chain. And for some reason that applies to Budgens. Budgens own brand ciders are on Ratebeer but there is no brewery listing for Budgens. Same for Somerfield (two retired beers on here but no brewery listing)

Also Elphicks have been added as a commissioner (one cider) but, for example, Fortnum & Masons haven’t been.

My ‘bald men fighting over a comb’ ticks are as follows:

Aldi UK - 4

ASDA - 0

Booth’s - 0

Co-op - 1

Home Bargains - 4

Lidl Europe - 7

Lidl UK - 3

Londis - 0

M&S - 17

Morrisons - 0

Nisa - 0

Sainsbury’s - 3

Spar - 0

Tesco - 0

Waitrose - 2


Here’s my numbers

Aldi 11
M&S 97 (!)
Lidl 6
Home Bargains 3
Sainsbury’s 23
Co-Op 12
Morrisons 9
Waitrose 6
Tesco 18
Asda 6
Spar 0
Booth’s 1

Grand total - 192


A big fat 0 for me at every supermarket. Not meant to be an anti-brag or anything, just never got what the draw is for them. Unless it’s literally just being a cheap and easy to find tick.

I’ve bought plenty of beers from supermarkets just always avoided the own brand stuff under the assumption it was all cheaper, lower quality stuff compared to what the actual brewery brews - so I’d rather get their ‘real’ beers. Maybe I am a beer snob after all.
I distinctly remember back in my uni days, long before I even got into beer, we bought a slab of Asda Price and Tesco Value lager (you know the 2% watery stuff) and honestly both were bloody horrendous. We ended up throwing away all but about 4 cans. All of us hated it. I think that maybe put me off supermarket beers for life.

Am I wrong? Are there any actually good supermarket own brand beers out there?


This reminds me of that TV quiz game ‘Pointless’ where the lower scores win. Unfortunately I’m one of the hopeless contestants:

Aldi = 74
Lidl UK = 33
M&S = 17
Home Bargains = 16
Asda = 10
Co-Op = 8
Lidl Europe = 6
Morrisons = 5
Waitrose = 3
Tesco = 2
Sainsbury = 2
Spar = 2

I don’t even want to add that up!


I wish I could turn a blind eye to a cheap rate sometimes too.

As for decent Supermarket beers I would say Waitrose alongside M&S have the best offerings @LazyPyro.



OK add another 13 for Lidl Europe and 3 for Aldi Europe onto my totals if you must.

Trader Joe’s is an American chain; 29 from them.

I did say “King of the UK Supermarkets” though.


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Well, if you buy their economy/smartprice beers you’ve got to expect them to be a bit cack.

Otherwise they’re variable but sometimes not too bad in terms of value for money. M&S are probably the best of the bunch and often have unusual styles in their range (and do at least clearly credit the actual brewer).

The other plus point is that under the RB commissioner system they can help out with stats for less-available regions (eg Home Bargains for Merseyside, B&M for Durham, Aldi for Warwickshire etc). Like @BeardedAvenger I’m not convinced that this is the right way to do it, but I’m happy to take those region ticks in the meantime!

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Right, here’s my totals:

Aldi 2
M&S 24
Lidl 4
Home Bargains 0 (but have one in my stash)
Sainsbury’s 5
Co-Op 0
Morrisons 2
Waitrose 2
Tesco 0
Asda 1
Spar 0
Booth’s 0

40 in total which is 1.22% of my rates. Higher than I expected actually.

Interesting stat!

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My small contribution to supermarket profits
Aldi Europe 1
M&S 1
Sainsbury’s 2
Co-Op Italy 2
Grand total of 6 with 50% European contribution.
I have looked at the M&S range with interest but only once indulged.
And I know that I have bought other beers from familiar brands especially since they seem to have expanded the craft range.

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I’ve never been a big home drinker so anything non-draught is quite rare for me, apart from of course during lockdowns when the supermarkets were a good outlet for winners. Most of the time I bought from Tesco though and most of those beers weren’t own-brand stuff so I’m guessing out of the ones that are I’d have had most from M&S and Lidl but we’re not talking a lot, possibly into double figures if that.

What about beers branded for a brewery but produced exclusively for a supermarket? For example, is clearly branded as Fourpure but has “Brewed exclusively for Lidl” around the collar of the can.

Here’s my totals:
Aldi 45
M&S 66
Lidl 26
Home Bargains 6
Sainsbury’s 15
Co-Op 4
Morrisons 5
Waitrose 3
Tesco 0
Asda 4
Spar 0
Booth’s 0

I’m surprised some of those are so low - but even for ticks, I tend to go for beers I think I might actually enjoy a bit. :smirk:

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Remembered I had never had a Tesco beer. But the inflation. Rating from 2021 mentions 99p for 4. Now.£1.25.

One for me, palming the rest of on the old man.

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