King William IV closing?

I’ve heard rumours that King William IV in Leyton is about to close. Is Brodie’s (the brewery) operations affected by this closure?

Ive heard Very little but headr the brewery moved a while back.

Brodies have a new brewery outside of London and have sold the pub off:

I heard today that the King William IV closed as a Brodies pub last Saturday, it’s going to be turned into a poncey gastro pub. Sad times. OCH in Soho unaffected apparently.

Really struggling to find their new Brewery address, I can’t find anything on line and they are being really secretive on Twitter and Facebook, which makes you wonder if they really are brewing their own beer now or have gone contract out.

According to the 2018 Good Beer Guide “beers are currently brewed using spare capacity at Rhymney Brewery”.

However, as well as the address for the William IV, it also lists an office address of:
Unit 40
4 Lammas Road
Fairways Business Park
E10 7QT

But, when I check that postcode on the Royal Mail website, it points to a number of addresses (none of which mentions Brodies) at:
Unit X
Period Works
1 Lammas Road
E10 7QT

So, I did an address search on Fairways Business Park and get:
Kortay Cargo Services
Unit 40
Fairways Business Park
Lammas Road
E10 7QB

There are a number of other units covered by that postcode but none of them mention Brodies. Of course, a lot of them include the unit number but not the name of the business located there so I suppose Brodies could be at one of them. Or they could have taken over the unit from Kortay Cargo Services and the Royal Mail address database has not yet been updated to reflect that.

I did a search on Kortay Cargo Services but didn’t find anything very illuminating. There was a limited company of that name but it’s dissolved.

So, case not solved.

Similar thing for Plato. Have apparently moved to Dorset but not admitting they’ve left Hackney.

Have they moved in with Gyle 59?