Kingfisher UK

I bought a bottle of Kingfisher Bombay Bicycle IPA. It’s brewed by Freedom* for Kingfisher UK. Presumably I should add a new UK brewer rather than just adding it under the main Kingfisher (India) listing?

Funnily enough, whilst being branded as Kingfisher on the label it has a Freedom branded bottle cap.

Tricky. Kingfisher UK isn’t much - 1 beer - until you found this. Their basic attitude:

Whether found in Mumbai, Madrid or Manchester, you can be sure that the same authentic Indian recipe is used in both our Indian and UK breweries. So wherever you find it, you know you are truly drinking The Real Taste of India.

we need a UK admin I think

Add it under the Kingfisher UK Brewery and add the Freedom Brewery as Contract Brewer, they can be found here.

I believe it is the contract brewing for Jamie’s link and also Green & Pleasant that has brought this one their way.

If you are unsure about adding the Contact Brewer I can pick it up on my usual checks.


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