Kirin Ichiban First Press

Yeah I know i have a weird connection to macro brews.
But i hadnt had this beer for years…but have to admit it tastes way better. It now has a different label with more red and something called “First Press” 100% malt.
Its not the one brewed in Germany…was brewed in LA by Bud,
Surprisingly good…nice lager.
But is it a different beer from the old Ichiban…or just fresher…or did they improve the recipe?

Looks like a new way to market the beer; not a new beer.

As far as I can see from having looked into it a while back it’s their standard Pale Lager. It’s just seems to have slightly different labels in different territories - with First Press more prominent on some than others and minor differences in ABV. Not convinced the German one, and other versions, should actually exist as seperate entries.