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Koelschtrinker @ 100rates for every German State

Must have happened in the last few weeks with some more Bremen beers because last time I checked this was the last state missing. Cheers Roman @Koelschtrinker for 100 rates in every German “Bundesland” - especially the tough Bremen is done. To my knowledge he is the first to reach this milestone. Congrats!


congrats Roman :slight_smile:


Very good!

Travlr is at 100 for every US State

Now we need England which isn’t currently possible due to Isle of Wight at least per our database but perhaps in real life

Congrats Roman from RB’s other Roman.

Congrats Roman!

Out of curiosity i wonder who is the closest to 100 English county rates? Imdownthepub has well over 100 for all but 4 English counties, actually almost all but 3.

Thanks guys, Bremen really was hard. Was driving up the 3 hours to there several times on weekends just to get the new brewery releases.

Next is English counties. Well, 1 of each for the beginning :grin:


Fantastic! I know how hard this was to accomplish, great work Roman!

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Well done!
Take care with the speed cameras around Bremen…I´m waiting for my ticket for speeding a couple of weeks ago :frowning: but it was worth xD
To many more :beers::beers::beers:

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Let see what Santa brings you this Christmas!

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Amazing! I did not even know they brew beer in Saarland and you managed to rate more than 100 of them. :grin: Congrats!

Oooh, ooh - I’ve managed 100 in every Bavaria!

Well done sir, this is a crown you rightly deserve.

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Nice, grats!


Great Job! Wish I could have tried some non-Becks Bremen beers.

A bit late, but congratulations @Koelschtrinker. My only visit to Bremen got cancelled so I still haven’t been.

My little German goal is to review a place in each Bundeslander, Bremen and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to go.


Congrats! That’s a tough one for sure!

You’re actually not missing a lot when not visiting Bremen, beer wise. In case someone visits Bremen he should be sure to be there on a friday when Grebhans Bier GmbH has it’s weekly sale, by far the best brewery in town. All in all, Bremen is beerwise done easily in one day. “Fisch & Feines” festival helped me to get the last missing beers.

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I’m still missing 3 Bundesland myself. Roman feel free to take your family to Disney World and bring me them when you do, cheers.

Oh wow, congrats! :smiley:

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