My parents are off on a river cruise so I am currently researching the list of the 11 places they 'll be going to.

One good thing is that they are heading to Köln. Hellers Kölsch and Weiss are two Protz 300 beers I have yet to tick off. So I have a query, before I send them off on a wild gose* chase. Can bottles be taken away from the Bauhaus? Do they sell bottles anywhere else in town?

*Apologies, I couldn’t resist.

Hellers sells beers in 0.5l Swing-top bottles. As they are organic, they are available in many organic stores. But of course directly at the brewery as well.
I’ve seen them even in the small organic shop in the Hauptbahnhof (main station directly next to the cathedral), but probably @Koelschtrinker can help you with a more precise answer as he lives directly in cologne :beer: And if they have both there, your parents don’t have to head to the brewery. :beers:

Hellers beers can be bought at the brewery but not from the brewpub. The brewery opening times are monday-friday, I think 10:00-16:00 or something like that. Beside that there is a kisok just a few houses next to the brewery in which some beers from them can be bought. Most beers can be found in any organic store in Cologne like Basic or Denn’s, though they might not have the seasonals.

Cheers, both. Not sure how long they have in town so will send look up those shops, the brewery may be a bit far from.where the boat would dock. Anyway, if there is one her then station then that’s good as It’s the first place my dad is likely to head to!

Inside the Hauptbahnhof the small shop is called “betterlife - Reformhaus Bacher”. If you google it you’ll find a picture.
But as you’re based in the UK, we could also do a small trade if your parents can’t find it - shipping to and from there is not too expensive…

Cool. If they can’t get me what I am after I’d be up for a small trade.

Otherwise I will suggest some brewpubs, etc, and just say no Pils or Helles. Should hopefully end up with some beers from smaller breweries.

The best there is to let them know where to go…
Send me a PM and I’ll take a look at their stops and can suggest some places to go for…