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Kona x 2?

Sounds to me like they only are selling the Kona brewery off and not necessarily the brand name, in that case we would have two Kona breweries, what a mess.

Hasn’t Kona been essentially owned by AB-Inbev or some AB-Inbev associated company for quite some time now?

yeah thats the issue, they have to sell the original Kona brewery in order for the merger ith the Craft Beer Alliance to go through. The question is whether they keep the Brand and keep breweing it stateside after that.

Well, I guess we will see what will happen after the sale. From reading that article it was not entirely clear to me. I guess another question is whether Kona will even be considered a Hawaii beer any more given that most of it is brewed elsewhere with an ownership structure not in Hawaii. Even the remaining brewpub may be a different brewery at this point…


We might need to split the entries between KONA BREWING COMPANY (CRAFT BREW ALLIANCE) and KONA BREWING COMPANY (HAWAII). They already split their entries between Mainland and Hawaii-only…We’ll see how it goes…

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