Kraków Oct 5-7

I’ll be in Krakow in the first weekend of October and I’m looking for places where I can grab local(/Polish) crafts. Ofc I checked the places section here and the verified venues on Untappd, but I’d be more than grateful for hearing your personal tips/experiences.

I was just there in May. Multi Qlti was great, and a funny place to talk to the bartenders about the Polish craft beer phenomenon. It’s kind of hidden up some steps and not easy to find even with google maps.

House of beer was also decent, though no flights from what i remember. Scored a bunch of beer also in stores but unlike every country around it you can’t drink beer in the street. So ask for a paper bag and stick it to the man.

Thanks for the heads up!

I was in Krakow in April and June, both times not with a focus on drinking many beers but I visited almost all the top rated places. Best experience for me was Wezze Krafta well worth the short walk out of the old town. A place I spotted on my last night and couldnt visit but looks good is this Space Craft Pub. Not on RB yet. In general I liked the atmosphere in Kazimierz much more than in the old town, way more relaxed.

Wezze Krafta has already been on my radar but I’ll mark Space Craft Pub as a possible target too. Thanks!

In Old Town: best options are Multi Qulti and House of Beer (selection wise ), Wejrze Krafta tends to be overcrowded but is also worth visiting. Im not the biggest fan of Space Craft ( boring beers mainly from one brewery).
In Kazimierz district: Craftownia ( with the biggest selection of bottles among Cracows pubs) and Nowy Kraftowy( new place with very nice food and 25 taps)
All of them you can find on RB,
Feel free to ask me anything I live in Cracow :smiley:

Awesome, thanks! I intend to bring a couple bottled back with me, which place do you suggest to buy them?

The nearest shops to the town center are Strefa Piwa on Krowoderska street and Świat Piwa on Karmelicka strreet, i belive you can find them on Rb, will check it in a minutes.

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The best ones are probaably Pod Wiaduktem and Skład Piwa but there are quite far from center, they are also featured on RB

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