Kveik yeast beers

Anyone enjoying this style? Seems to be all the rage among brewers. I have had a few respectable enough offerings, but overall I think it imparts belgian/white/saison IPA-like stressed yeast esters., and isn’t adding anythign desirable for the drinker. I can see how brewers like to crank out beers faster, but that is the only positive I can see from it. I had a kettle sour where they utilized it and it worked out OK.

Brut and Kveik seem like shortcuts that don’t offer as much for the drinker as they do for the brewer.

It’s a fashion. The annoying thing is that there seems very little involvement from traditional kveik brewers in this fad, which leads me to believe that what I’m drinking is unrelated to the real thing, so I’m being conned whilst being given an inappropriately brewed non-kveik. Like all trendy things, it will probably pass.