LA Ale Boys (@landale18) • Instagram photos and videos

Hey guys, new to rate beer but have been running an ale reviewing account on Instagram for a little while now. Top recommendations and ratings out of 10. Give it a follow if your interested in finding unique, generally unknown ales. Looking for something new? Check us out. We’re releasing a clothing brand soon.

I hate to break it to you but the ‘unique, generally unknown’ beers you’ve reviewed so far we all just average stuff you can probably buy in supermarkets. Don’t invest in that clothing ranget yet.

What’s with the cigarettes in the pics? You’re taking the piss here, surely? You are, aren’t you?

Hint: both lagers and ales are very much beers. If you just order a beer, you’ll likely just get a lager. :slight_smile: Also, stouts are ales, saying that just in case since most people who have the entire “lagers are not beers” thing usually consider stouts to be somehow separate from ales.

Damn, even my loser ass has more followers than you @briandrinksbeer