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I’m currently debating purchasing a set of 9 barrel-aged beers from La Calavera from Spain from an online shop, mostly Sours with 2 or 3 Stouts as well. While the set comes at a good price, it’s not really cheap either and I don’t wanna end up with a bunch of sub-par beers. Most of them are not rated here and I don’t trust untappd ratings when it comes to Sours especially, so does anyone know La Calavera well? Are they well-regarded for their BA/Sour beers?

The beers in question are: Brett For Light, Growing Death, Bretternity, Tequila Sunrise, Valvu Line, Fruits of Doom, Fearless, Jellyfish, Blue Blood Fuck You!!

Hi snowcrash000
In my opinion, La Calavera brewing has a nice new sour ales & Wild ales production. Recently (last week), I have updated two beers, Keep Fighting! (Saison/Farmhouse Ale) and Feel the Darkness (Imperial Stout aged on whisky barrels, with sour notes). Both of them, nice beers.
I agree with you, all new released beers from La Calavera haven’t been updated yet on RB.
I only have a feedback from two of them, Jellyfish and Blue Blood Fuck you!, very good beers.

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I’ve had 24 La Calavera beers now and surprisingly I’m in the Top 2 raters of this brewery while I live in the Netherlands. I like their beers in general, although some of them are very sour. I haven’t tried their newest ones, but would buy them unseen. I would describe their sour beers as ’ typical La Calavera sour’. In some way I can’t exactly desribe, mostly you will instantly recognize it’s from La Calavera. If you haven’t had their sours it’s hard to tell wether you like it or not, but I recommend you to try them. Blue Blood Fuck You is great.

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Hi again,
Regarding first post, I have updated La Calavera RB page with new barrel aged beers.


…14 new beers have been uploaded as well

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New beers don’t appear on the official web site… New production beers I understand

A while ago a bought a mixed sixer of Hanssens Lambic on a whim even though I never had anything from them before. I’ve had four of those beers now and regret that purchase bitterly, which is why I’m not making the same mistake again, buying a set of 9(!) bottles from a brewery that’s completely unknown to me. Thanks for the feedback though.

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If you dont mind my asking…Whats the price for the whole set?

They recently reduced the price from 42€ to 37€, but while the description still says 9 beers, Growing Death is missing from the list now. So I’m guessing it’s only 8 beers now.

Thats a fair price.
I am not a fan of the brewery but at least the set is on a normal price range.
But, you asked for opinions…so, for me, that price range (4/5 € bottle) is not worth it. But this is my opinion.


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