Lagers and spicy seafood dishes

Perhaps this is known, but the other day I had a decent lager (premium lager ~ pilsner, if you like) to drink with a spicy fish + seafood dish, and it was surprising how extremely well the pairing works!
The spiciness and rich seafood flavour was cut by the freshness of the lager without having any over-biting sour flavour that you sometimes get in lagers… and if I ignored the fishy taste in my mouth and the spiciness, the beer would easily increase its rating hugely both in flavour and palate!

Have you ever happened to have a lager with a spicy seafood dish?


Perhaps the same effect applies with most all spicy foods.


Love em with a fish finger bhuna.

I’m with you there all the way.


I’m wondering if there was any oiliness or fattiness in the seafood or any sauce it was in (such as cream or coconut milk)? I find that a crisp lager helps refresh the mouth with its bitter bite contrasting against the slicker tongue coating from the food.


I eat a lot of spicy (not much seafood though), and I love good lagers. So yeah, I’ve done it often, and there’s nothing like a dry hoppy Lager to refresh your numbed tastebuds.

It used to be that IPAs were the way to go for spicy & creamy food, but that goes for the bitter old school West Coast stuff, not for today’s vanilla milkshakes.


Crisp lagers complement curry wonderfully too. Just ask @Leighton and @bytemesis

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