Lambic-Faro cleanup

Good morning,

I took a look at all listed Faros to check whether they are still produced. I also double checked the check in activity on Untappd and infos on brewer websites. So the following ones should be set to retired.

3 Fonteinen - Straffe Winter

Girardin - Dominicus

Mikkeller Ramses II + III

Natty Greene’s Meerst Lambic
The following beers need some deeper check-up:

Montegioco La Mummia Faro

-> is this actually a Faro? The only rating states something of a blend. On UT there is not clear version like this and it is listed as Sour-Ale.

The Publican Lambic a Noux
-> this is actually alreday unrateabel as it is a house blend, but it is the only beer from this “brewery”, so imo this shouldnt be even listed on RB.

Paolo Erne -Accademia delle Birre - Figata
-> in my knowledge Paolo Erne is more like a homebrewer, thus he have no ratings on here. I know that he recently provided Bokkereyder with a barrel. But imo he shouldnt be listed as a brewer on RB.


Please share your opinions and admins please take some action if appropriate.

Cheers Moritz

And an interesting find or bug/feature - call it what you want :wink:

If you use advanced search for Faro and sort by Alphabetically it cuts off some beers after T - Tilquin and Timmermans are missing: -> link doesnt even work with a set up search

So this one is retired aswell:

Timmermans Brusselicious Faro

This one shouldn’t be retired, Natty Greene makes this annually and brings to Release the Funk, a sour festival hosted by Salud Beer Shop 1 in Charlotte. Last year it was in December; but it’s usually in October or November. I probably won’t get to try it in 2018 but 2019 possible but anyways its on my radar.

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I’ve always had my suspicions on that one my hunch is it isn’t. I forgot to ask my Italian ratebeer friends if they knew anything about when I was last there.

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Last year I drank a Girardin Dominicus (small bottle 25cl.) with my family that lives near the brewery. It was bottled in 2017 if I remember correctly. In my opinion they still brew Dominicus from time to time but they only sell it at the brewery in very small quantities.

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Thanks @Jow and @jefverstraete that’s exactly input I was hoping for.

Does any admin wanna take care of this?

What exactly needs to be done?

Well it is acutally all described in my post and the answer. Just some retirements for Faros.