Lambic = Shelf Turds?

As all cyclical process, are lambics returning to where they were 15 years ago? It seems that most good stores now carry a diversity of lambic, easily purchasable whenever you like? Aside from Canitllon and 3F, I can even buy Girardin with ease in the Maryland area. Just a few years ago, Lindemans, Oude Beersel, and Boon were often the only easily obtainable offerings.

Wondering if this is true around the country? Good thing or not?

Hoping the hype continues to subside as more availability and diversity of product sits on the selves. Maybe then we can even have a plateau in pricing. Anyone else still see countless bottles of Bzart gathering dust?

The $50 plus Bzart? I haven’t sprung for that. Maybe I never will.


“self turd” = best typo of 2018 so far


No Girardin around me, but I wish there was. Bzart can eat shit at that price point. But to answer your question, no, I’m not seeing a good assortment of good lambic on my shelves.

I almost never go into liquor stores anymore, just for some pork rinds and diet coke while I’m waiting for the car to fill up, but if Girardin and 3 Fonteinen were available at a decent price I’d probably buy one occasionally. At $12-15 (+tax) for a 12 oz bottle of beer I’m not real excited though.

nah, not really.

online availability of 3 Fonteinen seems to improve, though. But prices are not improving.

Luckily I got a couple of Girardin that I got for 2.99 Euros a 750 last year at the brewery.

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I’ve seen a lot more Geuze than Lambic. I am thankful for seeing the latter, pissed at not seeing more of the former.

Girardin is readily available, but often sold out. The only turds are boon and lindemans.

Boon Geuze varieties are no turds.

Where the heck are you that you are see all these on the shelves? Also high prices probably contribute.


I used the term inclusively. I meant all varieties of traditional spontaneously fermented beer from the Pajottenland region and nearby areas.

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I’d also add that Rene Cuvee is no turd as well.

No, I wouldn’t marriage parfait and the likes turds.

Most Boon gueze, marriage parfaits and krieks sit on shelves here. Along with lindemans cuvée Rene kriek and that new ginger lambic. I wish hanssens was around. I haven’t seen cantillon on a shelf in 10 years.

No wonder Speakeasy went out of business :clown_face:

Can confirm the same for Virginia, just outside DC. We have a lot of “common” ones sit on shelves, either that or it does move off the shelves but their quantity is so great, they are never out.

Some places in Washington DC will often hoard things that are (or were) sought after and often have a ton of dust on them as a result, usually Imperial Stouts, but sometimes you’ll find a beer like this on the shelf. I suppose the dust will help keep some additional light out :umbrella::neutral_face:

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I lived in south GA for five years and never saw a single lambic ever. When I’d go to a bigger city like Savannah or Atlanta there’d be a few common ones like Lindemans, maybe a St Louis, but nothing crazy good of anything I hadn’t had or liked so much I’d buy again.

Same up here… I landed in a weird small town in WI and have yet to see a lambic. I’ll have to check next time I’m in Madison but I’m sure if any Cantillon or 3F etc exists it’s all been scooped up. If not I sure as hell will.

Tilquin is life.


We have Hanssen’s as a staple.