Lambic - Unblended/Mikkeller: London

This is my last style yet to be ticked off. Could of course mail order some, however thought I may try and track some down when I am in London on Tuesday. I mentioned Mikkeller because they do a couple. Have looked up (and will check again on the day) some BrewDogs and Cask and Kitchen, however are there any other places that stock Lambics/a good array of Mikkeller? Particularly central and South London.

(There was a similar thread on old forum but this is slightly different).

Only just saw this so you probably in town already looking. But lots of good bottleshops in central and South London will carry Mikkeller (in my part of South London at least i know Art & Craft 2x shops in Streatham, and Hops Burns & Black Dulwich normally stock Mikkeller) but not sure on specifically Lambic Unblended)

If you don’t have any luck, or even with mail order, then easy to pick one up at the Mikkeller shop here in Copenhagen as will be flying over to London end of this month and could maybe drop it off with one of the UK RB crew.

As I was heading home by 16:00 the shops I would have visited weren’t open yet.

Found some online. However your post reminded me that a colleague has ordered from Mikkeller before so will see if he’s ordering again. I’m trying not to mail order until I’ve drunk what I’ve got.