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Lambics and rb

I promised to make changes in lambics more transparent, so this is the thread for all things lambic in rb.

You may have noticed that the lambic - fruit style was changed to lambic - flavored. The reason for the change is increasing amount lambics that are flavored with other things than fruits. For example olive leaves or beetroot are clearly not fruits, and it is silly to categorize them as fruit lambics.

I originally proposed split of fruit lambic style, but it was decided that at the moment it doesn’t make sense. That being said, these tags may be helpful:

Tagging @Iznogud :slight_smile:


Would Cantillon Gueuze 2019 and new Champions Cuvee be candidates for new entries? @martjoobolut

Cantillon Gueuze 2019 not, at least as I understand the new label will be used for all the following bottles. The first bottling has a nice story, but in the end it is just a geuze that took a bit longer to get carbonation :smiley:
Champions Cuvee is more tricky. I actually started to enter the new one, but then looked more into it, and it got complicated. Looking at the past entries and .info it is not clear what hops have been used for previous entries. There have been previous vintages with “English hops”, but basically it looks like Cantillon uses whatever hops they have available, and/or Jean feels like using. Hence, it is not really clear if this year’s Champions Cuvee is really different from the previous (and future) vintages of CSG.
If you get more info from JVR, I’m happy to discuss it, and if there is a good case, I’m not against separating it.


As far as OBD goes it should be noted that I entered all the new beers to rb. Possibly the most controversial are the aliases of 3 Fonteinen Zenne Y Frontera Single Barrel Amontillado Lambik to 3 Fonteinen X Lambik.info Single Barrel Amontillado Lambik and 3 Fonteinen Zenne Y Frontera Single Barrel Oloroso Lambik to 3 Fonteinen Oude Lambik Oloroso.

3 Fonteinen Zenne y Frontera - Two Barrel Oloroso Lambic (Blend 96 18|19) will be probably also aliased to 3 Fonteinen Oude Lambik Oloroso unless someone can make a good case why it shouldn’t be. This goes also about the other aliases.

In my eyes these are more marketing gimmicks (so every blend ends up being different…) than actual different beers (at least in rb sense). But of course again: if you can make a good case, why they should be separate…


OK, thanks for the info and for entering OBD beers. I’ll be in Cantillon this weekend so I’ll try to check CSG details with Jean.

It was pointed out by @djd07 that these:
are basically just two different barrels of the same thing. Hence they will be aliased in the future (unless someone can make a case why they shouldn’t).

There are more Spelings that need aliasing and I will let you guys know before I will merge anything to see if I didn’t miss anything (as unmerging is difficult and sometimes even impossible).

How about opening h.ertie entry?

Would love to. Really amazing beers. But by rb definition H.ertie is clearly a homebrew, there is a bunch of discussion about it in old rb forums (but I’m too lazy to look for the links atm, and it may have been on the admin side).

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Change the definition

That’s not a hundred percent correct anymore. Uli is producing more and more, doing more events with selling his bottles, onsite consumption mostly. Therefore he needs to have a registered business. And he has plans to do way more as I have been told. Difficulty will always be what has been commercially released in RB terms and what is more homebrew like as only a handful of bottles exist.

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One of my friends is actually friends with Uli, so I can probably get more info about it at some point. As far as I know he hasn’t released anything officially yet (beside the collabs ofc).

His beers are on the Gebrande Winning menu. Not sure about his status and don’t care about it, but beers are commercially available and it would be nice if we could properly document that.

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It is not uncommon that you can buy homebrews.

Note: I don’t decide rb policies, just trying to implement things in a sensible way.

So what evidence needs to be presented so it’s not considered a homebrew?

Note: This kind of bs turns people to other rating platforms. As you surely know.


I’ll add that @DraftWhisperer85 prides himself on offering world class beer/lambics at Gebrande Winning, whether they are homebrewers or legit breweries. He was offering Bokke lambic before it was considered rateable here.

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I agree. RB should err on the side of ratable in these situations. There are some US breweries in a similar boat. I feel if the beer is at festivals where every other beer is ratable and the festival costs money that should count as commercially available.



It took literally 1 minute to Google it and i don’t see any indication that anything has changed.

Also if there was legit case to be considered:

FFS how could you see a change in 8 year old topic at archived forums.

Said 7 years ago by guy who is not here anymore. He actually moved his ratings to Brewver. Guess what’s rateable on Brewver and is not rateable on RB?

Usually we wait until the brewer / blender has the proper licensing in place. Is that the case?

google: “h.ertie ratebeer”, could probably get more stuff by adjusting the search

Zero evidence given that anything has changed during this time. Hence my quotes, what @rhoihessegold is almost the same as what was said in 2014. Still no evidence given that he is legit. He has always sold his bottles (or how do you think people get them? also discussed in some older topics i think).

Guess what is the brewery type in the brewver? I give you a hint: it’s homebrew. Hence not rateable in rb.

Yes, people who want to rate homebrews, must choose another site at the moment. Also people who want to rate vintages of pale lagers or the same beer with different label (which is aliased in rb) or beer blends made in bars :slight_smile:

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