Last minute Unplanned East Coast Road Trip

This will be a trip report for this unexpected next few days. So we were in upstate NY visiting family for a few days since my work is closed for the week. My in-laws are spending next 3 months in Florida and the plan was for my father in law to drive car down to DC and load on auto train and my mother in law would meet in Florida this weekend. He has bad back and my children have put him threw the ringer last few days. I was out hiking yesterday…

When my wife texts me “my dads back is a wreck” do you mind taking their car down to Florida and then flying back this weekend. So it begins less than 24hr from that note and I’m on road. First stop Clemson Bros in New Paltz NY they took over old Gilded Otter Location. I guess disclaimer I’m fully vaccinated with booster and recovered from Covid a couple weeks ago so fairly safe.

Let’s see what I get up to next few days.


Beers unremarkable (I ordered just the one flight mostly low abv). Session ipa, cream ale, ipa and wee heavy. The patty melt burger and fries were tasty.

I have to be in Lorton, VA tomorrow by 1:30. Plan to stay in Philly this evening.


Human Robot and Triple Bottom have brewed polotmavys in Philadelphia. I would recommend both.


Great intel I will look into! I’m in Old City for hotel I booked but will find out deal there.

Quick stop in Edison NJ at Cypress brewing


Big thanks @mansquito unfortunatly Triple Bottom is closed today but enjoying a fresh polotmavy at Human Robot. This is my type of spot unfortunately still have car or I do damage.


Things have gone downhill left hotel to wander and 2nd story brewing closed on Wednesdays, Kyber Pass closed for Christmas reopens tomorrow, old city beer garden seasonal closure. This is what happens with no time to plan. Back at it tomorrow switching to cocktails
Negroni at Royal Boucherie

Thank goodness mansquito saved Philly for me. I need a bump to post more tomorrow I believe forum will block me after 3 consecutive.


This Irish bar that probably ain’t worth rating (but is in our database) is open here is a shitty lager but from a new brewery


There’s two breweries in Lorton (Fair Winds and G34.3), unfortunately neither open until at least 3pm.

Aslin and Port City are in Alexandria VA. Aslin opens at 11 am. Port City opens at 12.

I found a great spot last night called Glory Beer Bar that I need to add to database.

Today just hit up State Line liquors on DE/MD border which is one of our top rated places for a reason. I didn’t have tons of time so bought weird foreign stuff at random but did get my final Belgian region!!! Liege


You get chance to hit up a top 50 place you do it. Maxs Taphouse in MD. Huge draft and bottle and cellar list. This will be quick visit unfortunately. Also needed Maryland place rate to finish place ratings in all east states

The beer is Moor Sticks and Bones from England.


I am safely on the auto train next stop
Florida. I was planning to buy a little cooler and fill with ice and enjoy the beers I bought at StateLine while on train but I couldn’t find a cooler to buy and ran out of time. I suppose I’ll have them at hotel if I don’t end up going out for New Years.

With Maryland place rate my map now looks like this. I need to do a road trip from OK to Seattle to finish this up.


I think the 3 post rule has been rescinded (as so few people actually post anymore), I have certainly posted more than 3 in a row and been allowed to do so.

Enjoying your trip, it’s raining again here in Southern California with mud slides, flooding and car crashes everywhere.


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Decided I wanted to jump in ocean. More serious beer posts later but this is Persimmon Hollow Beach Hippie at Crabby’s in Daytona


Living in area for 3 years with last six months being on severance not many things left on my “to do” list but checking out this place is. It up in Deland it’s Abbey Bar and Odd Elixir Meadworks. It’s a nice beer bar in decent little downtown area that partnered with a meadery a few years back. These are all meads and I have to add all 5.


This place opened in the year since I left. Thanks to @godofthunder who rated one of their beers and I assume added brewery and like 10 more of their offerings. This is right near RockPit brewing but I will probably have a couple here with food and head to hotel and enjoy the brews I bought there and leave NYE to amateurs


Dropped off car to in-laws this morning. Then I went kayaking on shingle creak for few hours

Then had drinks by the hotel pool for awhile

I was beer’d out but now back at it and was able to walk to Ellipsis which I haven’t been to since pre pandemic in epic beer tasting day with @cgarvieuk


Ok trip over in room and have early flight back to reality. Just will drink these 3 brews to my right (depending on photo orientation) thanks for following along and for tips which did help


My go to! Glad you stopped in! Well worth a stop.