Layoffs at New Belgium

Not hitting growth forecasts…


Unfortunately, that’ll happen when you make underwhelming beer. Fat Tire has lost its mystique.


Should be in Industry forum!

perhaps the most important part:

New Belgium had started to expand its staff in 2013 “to support a brewery about 40 percent larger than New Belgium is today, and we haven’t yet achieved our goals in the face of changing dynamics in craft brewing,” it stated.

“The industry is now growing at a different clip than it was a few years ago,” New Belgium spokesperson Bryan Simpson told the Coloradoan on Friday.

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My two favourite New Belgium beers, Mothership Wit and Sunshine Wheat, have been discontinued in the recent past only to be replaced by Fat Tire White (barf). I think they lost their way focusing on stupid gimmicks like “Imperial Berliner” or “Coconut Curry Hefeweizen” when they should have been innovating a better year round and seasonal lineup. I’m disappointed they haven’t adapted. As a local, NB was one of my gateways to the craft beer world.