LBA Beer Festival at Fuller's, Sat 23rd June

I was surprised to see this isn’t on the events list, so I added it - but surely there must be someone else from here going along?!

Oh, to be in England now that LBA Beer Festival is there …

Most folks from the London crew, who aren’t already out of town, are headed to Birmingham for the annual Cotteridge convention.

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Fairy snuff! Shows how out of touch I am… :slightly_frowning_face:

That would have added a few new brewery hits for me. Funny price to get in though; £38:49. I suppose if the samples are large and/or plentiful it’s good value for London.


It’s purportedly £35, but there is a non-discretionary £3.49 “booking fee” added at check-out - I thought that practice was illegal, but there y’go. :unamused:

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