LBA Festival at Fuller's, 16th September 2023

The London Brewers Alliance festival is back on, after a three-year break, and it’s back in the yard at the Griffin Brewery in Chiswick, too.

And yes, they changed the date to September…

This time they’re splitting it into two 4-hour sessions, afternoon and evening. It’s £40 per session or £75 for both.

Tickets from

Who fancies meeting up there? :thinking:

I have a ticket for the afternoon. Hoping to tick off missing London breweries.

This Thursday I may be up your way and go to that Tiny Vessel pub. Was supposed to see a Ukrainian band (White Ward) but they were not allowed to leave the country. Will go Brewery ticking instead.

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Let me know about Thursday and I’ll try to meet you for a beer. He usually has one or two Tiny Vessel keg beers on, in my (limited!) experience.

I have an ever changing itinerary. Just decided I can’t be bothered to head to Stoke Newington in the hops that an organic grocery still has some beers by Magic Spells in stock. However the plan is to come home via Brentford and get a train to Weybridge on the super slow line.

I haven’t seen Magic Spells around in a while. Very mediocre brewery. I’d be surprised if they’re still in business.

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Funnily enough the recent rates on UT reflect that. Looks like they may have had a post-Covid re-launch? Described as a new Hackney brewery by one person. Next time I am up north I will see if I can track one down. A shop called Natural apparently stocks them.

Keep me posted if you find it!

I was kinda hopiing you’d do that for me. One of the last 5 or so ‘physical’ breweries I have not had a beer from. (Excluding breweries that have been contracting but not opened an actual brewery yet).

I will keep my eyes peeled!

Got my ticket now for the afternoon session. There’s currently an early-bird discount, so it’s £38.62 (including the booking fee, which LBA leaves out - I hate it when people do that!), instead of £44.04 (the claimed £40 plus the unavoidable fee).

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Still got my afternoon ticket for the rearranged September date. And now I have an opportunity to get an evening ticket too!

Who else is coming? I had hoped to hit my 9000th rate there in June :beers: but it had to wait & is done now. :man_shrugging:

I am going. Afternoon session as I like to be in my PJs by 20:00.

Main priority is to tick off a Pinnora beer. Was hoping there may have been a few more obscure breweries, but alas not.

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See you there, then, I hope.

As it’s all inclusive just follow the puddles, where I have had a sip, poured most of the beer onto the floor and then moved onto the next one.

:confounded: Unless it’s a drain-pour anyway, I just can’t do that!!

The beer list is online now: LBA Festival Beer List | 16th September 2023 | Griffin Brewery, Chiswick

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Added most of the ones that were not in here. Had to miss a few off as the descriptions were too vague (i.e beers in a series).

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Sorry that I will miss this one. Wife is away this weekend and I am on duty with the kids. Enjoy yourselves!

Boo! But thanks, will try… :grinning:

(I can’t stay for the evening for much the same reason as you, by the way. :person_shrugging:)