Leffe Blonde reduced to 6%?

Hi apologies of this is covered. I have just cracked open a bottle of Leffe Blonde which is usually and always 6.6% abv yet this bottle is labelled 6.0% abv.

Having searched online I can’t find any reference to a change to 6% and only yeild results for the usual 6.6.

Does anyone know if this is the shape of things to come, as several well known supermarket beers have reduced their abv in recent years, or is it an anomaly?

Many thanks!

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Has been an ongoing trend over recent years

Two reasons … cheapens production costs … happens with both small and big brewers but more so the latter from what I’ve observed as they produce on a bigger scale

Other reason … in different countries (especially the UK in recent times) ABV caps command different taxes so by lowering the bar from 6.6% to 6.0% you may fall into a different bracket of duty and pay less overall … both producer and consumer

Thanks for the info. I fear this will continue in the same way as chocolate bars until our beers are “fun size” or “sharing packs” as well!

@NobleTamer68 , don’t get me started on Wagon Wheels!