Legal to mail (buy) ship hard alcohol spirits liquor beer in New Jersey?

I want to buy Old Monk rum which you usually can’t find in stores. There are some places I found online saying certain stores have it but most are like an hour away.

They sell it online but most sites when I enter NJ, it says can’t ship there.
I found some sites seem to allow it but I didn’t follow through the entire checkout steps to confirm, and based on what I read I’m confused if it’s even allowed or not.

Some of the sites may or may not be liquor stores also in new jersey if that matters.

It seems only Wine is allowed to be bought online and delivered, not beer or spirits?

I’ve had beer shipped to me before from NJ.
Then, the hammer fell and the East coast in general became a no shipping of alcohol zone.

i’m just gonna order and see what happens, if I can even check out. no big deal.
I can also see if stores will let me pre buy the old monk, maybe a case of 12 or something is minimum order but ok maybe. Or confirm which stores stock it and make note if I’m ever in the area.