Lervig no worries

Cannot rate any of the beers in this series, the button ‘write a review’ is dark for almost all the beers, Mango for instance.
Is there a reason why?

Non-alcoholic fruit beers are not allowed by site rules. I would assume the relevant admin has interpreted these as breaking that rule.

Ok, I don’t agree with this at all. Non alcoholic ciders are allowed. Non alcoholic pale ales with huge amounts of fruit are allowed. Seems an arbitrary decision.

The beer mentioned above is clearly an AF pale ale with very light mango.

Yeah, adding a small amount of fruit flavouring to a legitimate NA beer does not suddenly render it not a beer in my opinion. I believe that is a hardline interpretation of the rule - which specifically mentions shandy/radler by the way, not pale ales - reasons that NA fruit beverages are not allowed as “they are two steps removed from being a beer (both alcohol free and a shandy)”

I do not believe those AF beers constitute a shandy, though, or perhaps it does technically. But I’m under the impression they are simply the base No Worries beer with a small amount of fruit flavouring added (or perhaps actual fruit, is it?). It doesn’t sound like the quantity is enough to call it a shandy? Since it’s Norwegian and it’s Lervig I doubt the can label gives any useful info?

Ok the label states it’s simply some flavouring added, no actual fruit. Personally I don’t consider that enough to call it a “fruit beverage” so I’m in favour of making them all rateable again, but it’s one for local admins to decide really.


It’s an outdated rule. The advances in technology in the production of alcohol free beers nowadays, that is the de-alcoholising of a beer rather than brewing a beer without alcohol, has completely changed what’s possible, increased the quality of AF beer and broadened the range.

The No Worries series is a good example and definitely over the next year or two I can see alcohol free beers becoming more popular and normalised with rate beer users

Thoughts admin… ?


Non-alcohol ciders do seem to be allowed, whereas non-alcoholic fruit ciders aren’t allowed, and certain admins will delete them if you try and add, rather than making them unrateable which means others may add again in future. Agree with you, seems arbitrary.

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@imdownthepub any thoughts Glen?

Hi Mat, I do have an opinion on this but have been overruled before on my opinions about alcohol free beers and ciders. My opinion was that no alcohol beers / ciders as opposed to low alcohol beers / ciders, shouldn’t have been allowed and therefore this wouldn’t have been a problem, I would have had a minimum ABV level. But we have moved on and I have been sticking to site rules. If it can be proved that real fruit has been used then it is okay, if it cannot be proven or claimed then I would make it unrateable. Luckily I don’t think I have had to make that decision on anything I have released yet, I think.

I’m a lower level admin and thought that these are not allowed? Can anyone clarify. @Marko ?!

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Lervigs no worries series have a minimum of 0.5% ABV and are clearly an AF pale ale with fruit flavouring. Whether its real fruit or not I think is a minor issue?

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Way back (I’d say at least 12 years ago) I had rated a Fertilia Apple Cider version at 0.5% I think. It got deleted by someone or I was not permitted to enter it after a discussion in the Admin boards - the argument was “that’s basically just apple juice”.

Indeed, cider is a term for apple juice I think in some parts of the US, but I’m fairly sure that in that case there was some fermentation, being a Dutch product (or a Dutch product made in France).

In any case, that’s when it was verboten. Did the ruling change in the meantime? I dunno.

From admin forum about NA ciders:

Hence no alcohol ciders are indeed still not allowed, and if you see one it should be reported and changed.

The add beer page states that’s for “Fruit infused ciders”. The styles in ratebeer Apple Cider and Apple Cider - Flavored state 1.5% in the ratebeer descriptions.

Still don’t agree with it, so won’t report any I see. And the Lervig alcohol free pale ale issue has still not been addressed.

It is fixed now
These day the rules are: 0.05% is ok

so just go rating