Let me introduce you to my new friend, who goes by the user name of gracekisad

Hello dear how are you

i hope you are fine and alright,

My names is LISA, and i will be very happy to be your friend

because i have something very important to tell you can we be friends?

contact me on my private below email address,


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I got the same one. Maybe she hangs around the stags head and ran into us there

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She totally wanted to be my special friend too!!! We have so much in common!

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She was “all over me too”
Delete and report to RB to remove user.

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Metoo… I feel so lucky,she (or he?) had someting very important to tell me. Can it be @discobot in disquise?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

It’s best to just report the user to admins. Thanks!

That has no use at all, it takes them 20 sec to create a new account. It would only be extra work for admins. They have enough allready and are doing a great job.

And if anyone is stupid enough to answer this ones they have been drinking to much for sure.

But she has important things to tell

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I don’t get why the old BM is even active anymore.

Thanks but we prefer to delete those accounts as soon as possible

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So there’s my sure thing gone!

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Because lots of people still use it in preference to discourse, I hope.

Apart from my preference: Why have two parallel mail systems? It will only lead to confusion and unseen messages.

Don’t get me wrong: I think the old BM should be archived and kept available for at least another few years. But I much prefer the Mailsystem here. For example, I can flag spam messages. I get decent notifications when I receive a message. And it looks nice.


We were doing a lot of monstrous things with just a few people. The plan is to keep the legacy system but stop new beer mails with it. We just need a few more updates and will be able to direct all new sites messages to the new system.

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I dunno, but about 10 people regularly beermail me, and 0 people use this new system, so I’d say the popularity contest isn’t so clearly in the favour of the new one.

It’s the exact opposite for me.

Of course this is my own preference and not a significant statement about the popularity of the new systems. What I don’t get is why there’s two systems, but @joet has already waged in on this.

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I thought I had found love, but apparently I am not special…