Liqour Zaar (Attempt 2)

Posted this in the UK forum by accident. So attempt two:

Hello People.

I just bought 4 different OJ beers (for the Malt Liqour ticks). Currently only OJ Pilsner is on Ratebeer. It’s down as a United Dutch Breweries beer. The listing need to be amended because it states that it’s brewed in Belgium, presumably by AB InBev.

However there is no reference to UDB on the packaging. The cans all stated that they’re brewed in Belgium for Liqour Zaar. Now, for all I know Liqour Zaar may be a subsidiary of UDB - didn’t find anything when I did some web research but then most of it was in Dutch. So before I add the other beers, are they UDB beers or do I need to add Liqour Zaar as a contract brewer?

How many OJ beers did you get, and are they all from Liquor Zaar? I’d guess they’re more of a commissioner though… I’d have to dive into that a bit further. For now you can add it as a client brewer.
The beer you linked to is brewed at UDB, at least the barcode that’s listed with the beer here on RB is from UDB. This actually means they also ‘own’ the beer and payed taxes for it. Can you check if the barcode’s still correct? And if you need to add any beers, please add the barcode as well. Cheers.


The official brand owners of O.J. Beer and Whytes Malt Beverages.