Lisbon Airport

Does anyone know whether decent beer is available at Lisbon Airport?

When I visited three years ago, there was nothing except boring lager. But there is a quick efficient subway line to the city, so if you have enough time that might be an option.

You always used to be able to get Super Bock Stout on tap … no great but trumps pale lagers.

I was there in January. Nowt at the airport I’m afraid. Can’t even recall a bar, as such.

Suspected as much, my best bet is to get straight onto the Metro and straight into town by the looks.

You have the Dois Corvos taproom very close to the airport (max 10 min by taxi), so maybe it would be worth if you have time enough

We were there in February. Still not much at the airport.

Oddly, there’s a Heineken bar so ended up drinking Lagunitas IPA.

Actually now got 4 days there over the Brexit weekend that hopefully gets postponed. Looks like quite a few decent places to visit, I just have to put together a list of target beers. We have an apartment in the old town, Fado area. Should be great.

Ruth made a places spreadsheet that I can let you have if you’d like. There’s also a new brewpub in the centre, the name of which escapes me for the moment, that opened just a few days before our visit and I only picked up on it after we got back, so missed it.

We had four days but didn’t get to all the places we wanted for the simple reason that most of the “craft” places don’t open until the evening. As we’ve been to Lisbon & done the tourist stuff before we found ourselves twiddling our thumbs a fair bit. We even walked out to Dois Corvos (which opens at a relatively respectable 2pm), rather than taking the bus, just to kill some time. Not a particularly pleasant walk, unless you like commercial docks. At least it was flat.

That would be great if you could send me the spreadsheet please Chris. I have put together a map and hopefully I have most of it covered. I see that the local transport day tickets can get you along to the coastal resorts and across the bridge, so we are hoping to make the best of that. I do wish that some of the ‘Craft’ places would open earlier though.
I’ll beer mail you my E Mail address.

The local transport system is fine. They have a reusable (but carboard) card that you can load with funds, train tickets etc. Alarmingly the official Lisbon tranport site (English version) said the cards cost 50 euros but it’s actually 50 cents. It seems you have to get a separate, but identical card for a train journey - we did when we took a trip out to Sintra - and can’t put that on a card with a “metro” balance on it.

Something to bear in mind when visiting Dois Corvos is that it is best combined with Fabrica Musa, which is just round the corner but doesn’t open until 4pm. There’s another brewery close by but it doesn’t seem to be open to visitors on a regular basis. Several buses stop just outside Musa for the trip back into town, and/or to a few other beery destinations en route - e.g. Flor De Lupulo & 21 Brewpub Gallas, both of which I’d highly recommend.

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