List of Bad automatically generated Geocodes

When creating a new place, sometimes the generated geocodes are wrong, maybe be cause it cannot understand the given address or maybe because there’s some special characters that breaks the site. In those cases, the geocodes will generally end up in a fixed place for a given region, where all those broken geocode places will pile up.

Please copy/paste post these geocodes here when you notice them so it will be easier to find places set in the wrong location on the map, with the city/region/country involved.





Map put all these places in B Aires when they are in Mendoza, or like the first one, a suburb of Mendoza called Godoy Cruz:
Another one

This all said, as a gift to RB on my b-day (or because of random timing rather), I finished clearing out the “Small countries” section of 0,0 + coordinate-free places. Only websites and group places left. :slight_smile:

North Korea and China were particularly fun to fix, but I’m now fairly sure that those I ran into are as correct as possible, location-wise at least. :slight_smile:

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