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I’ll be in Vilnius June 25 and 26, and planned my trip around a guide I hired to take me out of the city to some of the farmhouse breweries. He recently passed away though, so now I’m looking for another guide. I’ll have plenty of my own beer, happy to try to find other American beers to bring, and of course expect to pay. If anyone’s interested or has suggestions, that’d be great.

Jason Pellett
Brewmaster, Orpheus Brewing

@MartinT @larsga do you know someone who could help the man?


I’m afraid this is not so easy. Vidmantas was the only person who did this as a business. Sadly, now that Vidmantas is dead I don’t know who could do it.

I can try talking to a couple of friends, but realistically I don’t think anything is going to come of it. Sadly.

Okay, good to know. I’ll keep sending messages to Vilnius bars, and maybe someone will want to make some money.


@jpellett251 Try to contact Povilas Žukauskas.
Maybe he can help or advise.

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@larsga Someone who runs a homebrew club and bartends at Aulus Biblioteka contacted me. I’ll report back on how it goes and if she’s interested in doing it more.

Welcome to Lithuania.:beers:

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It was great! Jonaistė Jusionytė, who contacted me from my beer advocate post and manages Alus Biblioteka, is married to Povilas. She arranged a Su Puta tasting for us Tuesday and Povilas drove us all to Jovarų Alus, Dundulis, and Seklyčia prie Uosio (for fresh Piniavos Alutis) Wednesday. I hope to be back one day.


Really beautiful country in EU!
And Czech is near so there is a lot of great beer here.