Little Earth Project/White Horse

Going to Needham Market* for a wedding and I will have a free Friday evening whilst the Mrs is off on bridesmaid duty. Does anyone know if you can buy beer to take away from the White Horse? Tweeted them but didn’t get a response. Considering whether to drive out there or just get a train into Ipswich.

*The Calvors run pub seems to be them only pub of interest there.

Did you hit them up on Facebook site? They seem very active there. Wish I hadn’t been deployed, we would be sharing some brews like planned.


They came back on Facebook. Useful for anyone passing by: the pub has a bottle list for takeaways.

I think I’ll drive there as soon as I get the chance.

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That’s what I figured would happen. I’ve got the brewer as well on Facebook as he added me after I sent a question. I plan on getting down their sometime soon after I get back from this business trip.

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