Liverpool (and maybe Manchester) May 18 and 19

Anything going on beerwise that weekend?

Open for a trade if someone really want some rare Norwegian stuff


Have you been to Liverpool before? If not, there are plenty of great pubs with ample ticks to keep you busy for two days.

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I think I have ticked most of them before :slight_smile:
My friend have lived there for 15+ years now…

But as I understand there are not to many active ratebeerians from Merseyside
earlier I could se all my check in standing at the merseyside local for a loooong time after a visit

hope that my wife go cracy at Liverpool One and Manchester Arndale for many hours ha ha
and that I can get a lot of cloudwater…

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I may be going to Liverpool in late May so will be interested in your info…

keep me in…

My wife have some work to do
One of the Man teams will be playing cup final that day :star_struck:

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If i get to go to Liverpool it’ll be after that (last few days of May). I imagine it’s changed quite a bit beer wise since 2014…