Local categorisation of contract beers


I was wondering why certain contract beers are categorised for the commissioner and not the brewer? I get it if it’s a secret who brews something but to take something like this https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/marks-spencer-american-laid-back-ipa/409173/824/ it clearly says on the label that it’s brewed in Suffolk by Adnams, so surely it should count as an Adnams Suffolk beer and not as London just because that’s where a national supermarket has it’s HQ?


I agree with this. In fact I mentioned the same thing in pre-Cotts Convention drinks. Although I generally don’t think that supermarkets should be listed as breweries but especially when the packaging clearly states who brewed the beer.

Consistency is important. What’s the difference between a one person startup contracting all his/her beers and a supermarket contracting all its beers? Where attention needs to be paid is where the startup or supermarket are just selling rebadged beers.

I wouldn’t see a difference, if it’s clear who the brewer is as it is in this case, they should be the brewer.

Ratebeer recognizes the concept of two brewers - physical and contract

"# contract brewing

A brewing arrangement between the operators of a physical brewery and a brewer who requires additional brewing resources for producing beer. The agreement can take many forms and may involve a brewer’s own ingredients, recipes, hands-on operation and even equipment. Alternately, a contract beer can be brewed without the “brewer” providing any input or being present at all.

So called “gypsy brewers” use contract brewing to produce their beer, often in a very hands-on way, and often at several different breweries.