Local for local FT: 20 German beers

I have a crate with the following 20 German beers:

  • Bayerischer Bahnhof Original Gose
  • Ritterguts Gose Bärentöter
  • Gutmann Weizenbock
  • Augustiner Maximator
  • Kuchlbauer Aloysius
  • Kesselring urfränkisches Landbier original
  • Alt-Bamberg Urstoff
  • Alt-Bamberg Zwickl
  • Weismainer Kellertrunk
  • Rügener Inselbrauerei Meer Jungfrau Natursauer
  • Mahrs Bräu aU
  • Reckendorfer Weizenbock
  • Einsiedler Doppelbock
  • Mauritius Schwarzes Gold
  • HB Hofbräu Original
  • Altenauer Klippenbock
  • Ybnstoker Suicide Blonde
  • Zwönitzer Schwarzbier
  • Neunspringer Whiskey Malt Stout
  • one more to come

Interested in 20 other locals. Can ship within the EU.


I’m interested! But I will have to check how many are new to me (though probably most of em).

Crap. Apparently not. I know 4 out of the first 5. Maybe next time then :slight_smile:

Good luck with the trade David!

I can do this. I’ll send you a pm.

No problem, maybe next time…