Locals for locals (FT: NYC beers, including a locally brewed Polotmavý)

As the title suggests, looking for a simple locals for locals trade, nothing fancy. Happy to try to accommodate requests, or can do a mystery box type thing. Very flexible. Ships to / from NY.

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Sounds good. I live in Dallas and have access to a ton of Texas locals. I’m especially interested in beers in these styles I haven’t rated yet: Grodziskie / Grätzer / Lichtenhainer, Gruit, Kvass, Lambic - Unblended Jonge / Oude, Specialty Grain - Rye / Roggenbier, & Dark Lager - India / Hoppy. If any of those are unavailable in your part of NY, then I’m cool with some of the best local malty and wheat beers. What style of beers are you wanting?

I sent you a message.