Locals for locals?

All my beer friends where I live mock me. I’m the only person in this town of 330,000 who is on Ratebeer. My attempts at trades since the forums changed no longer yield responses as they did 10 years ago. Are Americans still here? Did people leave over InBev? Do people still want to do local for locals - the pleasure of getting a box of untried beers that are good and unavailable where you live but not known only by their acronyms or bottle counts? If so, hit me up. Looking for locals not available in KY. Will send what you can’t get too.

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Oh I live in Southwest Wisconsin now, right in the bottom corner, tri-state region right next to IA and IL, so I can get lots of random goodies you can’t find.

The vast majority of active users are from Europe. It appears as the US users have dwindled to damn near nothing.
The main thing to think about on trade forums is most people use Facebook, Instagram or Untappd to make trades. Ratebeer doesn’t even enter into people minds anymore.

Me personally I used to love to trade. However, I have so many more options than I did 6 or 7 years ago that I can’t even keep up with the production of brew in my state or neighboring states. Trading seems completely unnecessary for me unless it is something I really want.

Happy to work something out for niche DC/VA/MD stuff.

Are there trade forums on Facebook now? Which ones? I’d be interested in checking them out, while still lurking here.

I like to do locals for locals, but many people don’t seem too interested. All my beer friends in my area also use untapped. I am in a bunch of Facebook beer trade groups, because at some point I am going to be forced to switch over, due to lack of interest. The people in the Facebook groups typically want straight of cash for their beers, only want to trade very rare beers, or hype beer; not too many locals for locals in the Facebook groups I am in. It seems ratebeer trades have gone way down in the last ten years.

I am still always interested in locals for locals to the extent anyone else is.