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For whatever reason, Ratebeer doesn’t recognize my password anymore. When I try to reset it, I get a link in an email that doesn’t work. I can log in using Facebook, but my profile pic from Facebook pops up here on Ratebeer on certain pages, like my profile page, instead of the avatar that I prefer to use on Ratebeer. I want my avatar here to be different than my Facebook page. How can I go about resetting my password so this doesn’t happen? Or is it possible to log in with Facebook and not have that profile pic pop up on here? I’ve tried contacting @services or whatever it is, but no response. Answers please.

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@joet ?

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Hi poisoned.

So you are having a (1) password reset issue, and (2) an unwanted avatar problem. Let’s break this down a bit. It might be best to take this to email. Is the email on your account correct? Or we can use the Discourse messaging system if you prefer.




Hi Joe. Yes, this is the correct email.

Hi poisoned.


My RB/Facebook login vs RB Forum login is ****ed for me also…


I just need to know?
Can we normally Login using Facebook or by using normal sign in (username / password) options? Or is it only 1 out of those 2 possible?